Chapter Programming History

Each month chapters are asked to report programs and participation. A good source of programming ideas is to benchmark off other chapters success. Below is listed chapter program history. Please note these can be exported to an excel spreadsheet for easy sorting and use. If you want to contact a chapter to learn more about their work look for details in the Find a Chapter link under Networks to find the current chapter contact.
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ChapterMeet DateTopicTopic DomainSpeakersCEUs Offered
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SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY CHAPTER12/12/2017Roundtable Discussion & Elections for 2018GEN  0
WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA CHAPTER12/7/2017IT Solutions WorkshopINFONick Nicholaou19
OKLAHOMA GREEN COUNTRY CHAPTER11/17/2017The Church Network - What it can do for youPROPPhil Martin 12
COLUMBIA RIVER CHAPTER11/16/2017Emotional IntelligenceSTAFFJared Roth 15
GREATER KANSAS CITY CHAPTER11/16/2017What's Next After Sutherland SpringsPROPnone 14
CHARLOTTE-METRO CHAPTER11/16/2017Tax and Finance UpdateLEGALTerry Lancaster25
TWIN CITIES METRO CHAPTER11/16/2017North Central Chapter Strategic Planning.PLANNorth Central Chapter Board members 25
DC METRO CHAPTER11/16/2017Audio/Visual and Live Streaming for churchesPROPGene Ingham, Michael Upshaw 9
CENTRAL VIRGINIA CHAPTER11/16/2017Church TrendsGENGlen Akins 16
MUSIC CITY CHAPTER11/16/2017Church FinancesdefaultKari Boyce & Fred Johnson 0
MUSIC CITY CHAPTER11/16/2017Thrivent Financial presents Church FinancesGENFred Johnson & Kari Boyce 11
NORTH ATLANTA CHAPTER11/16/2017Church and Minister Year End Tax and Accounting RemindersLEGALJack McGinnis, CPA, MBA 23
ROCKY TOP CHAPTER11/16/2017Organizational Principles and Structure: Organism vs. OrganizationGENMatthew Parmerlee 9
CENTRAL FLORIDA CHAPTER11/16/2017Roundtable - Peer Q & A and Election of 2018 Board MembersGEN  0
DALLAS CHAPTER 111/16/2017ROI from Finance TransformationGENMarcus Wagner24
KENTUCKY CHAPTER11/16/2017Money Money Money! : Audits & Internal ControlsdefaultDavid Harrod 0
KENTUCKY CHAPTER11/16/2017Money Money Money: Audits & Internal ControlsGENDavid Harrod17
NEBRASKA CHAPTER11/15/2017Winter Safety - Slips and Falls and 2018 Program PlanningPROPRound Table Discussion 8
CENTRAL IOWA CHAPTER11/14/2017Church Safety and SecurityGENPhil Pitzen 0
PHOENIX CHAPTER11/9/20172017 Annual Church & Ministry SeminarLEGALMonica Stern, CPA & Attorney Robert Brown 229
DELAWARE VALLEY CHAPTER11/9/2017"Inbound-Outbound" The Ins and Outs of Missional Marketing for ChurchesCOMMHenry Carnes29
MUSIC CITY CHAPTER10/26/2017National Church Administration Day - StaffingHRFred Bissinger & Anne McKnight16
CENTRAL VIRGINIA CHAPTER10/19/2017HR Staffing-National Church Administration Day, 2017HRNicole Milner19
DC METRO CHAPTER10/19/2017Conflict ResolutionHRGary McMichael 13
WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA CHAPTER10/19/2017National Church Administration DayHRAlbert Lee29
ROCKY TOP CHAPTER10/19/2017Creating a Healthy Volunteer Culture in Your ChurchSTAFFThe Rev. Karen L. Miller 5
NORTH ATLANTA CHAPTER10/19/2017National Church Administration Day - StaffingHRn/a 22
CENTRAL IOWA CHAPTER10/19/2017Working with volunteers and ministry teamsLEADGroup discussion 10
CHARLOTTE-METRO CHAPTER10/19/2017NCAD - Staffing Setting Competitive Compensation HR Recordkeeping Delivering FeedbackHRvarious22
TWIN CITIES METRO CHAPTER10/19/2017Strategic Accounting PracticesLEGALDave Leininger and Kathy Arveson 40
NEBRASKA CHAPTER10/19/2017HR/Payroll/BenefitsHRAngela Bell 8
GREATER KANSAS CITY CHAPTER10/19/2017Church Security - extended session.PROPBarry Young26
OKLAHOMA GREEN COUNTRY CHAPTER10/19/2017To Build or To RenovatePROPRodney James 13
COLUMBIA RIVER CHAPTER10/19/2017The Adaptive Leader; Susan Beaumont. For National Church Administrators Day used a TCN Learning Lab.STAFFSusan Beaumont 15
CHICAGO CHAPTER10/19/2017Answering the Big Questions in Church Accounting and Financial ManagementLEGALTodd Zastrow 34
CENTRAL FLORIDA CHAPTER10/19/2017National Church Admin Day - Building a Winning Staff CultureSTAFFTravis Jacob9
COLORADO MILE HIGH CHAPTER10/19/2017NCAD - StaffingHRJoan Rennenkamp & Matthew Mellema18
KENTUCKY CHAPTER10/19/2017Catch & Release: Hiring & FiringHRChris Hahn, Charlotte Ewing & Michelle Frank 14
DALLAS CHAPTER 110/12/2017Staffing and Legal IssuesLEGALFrank and Elaine Sommerville36
SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY CHAPTER10/10/2017Roundtable Discussion & Tour of FacilityGENVivian Sawyer 0
DELAWARE VALLEY CHAPTER10/5/20172017 TCN National Conference GemsGENVarious Chapter members 22
PHOENIX CHAPTER10/4/2017Building Sacred Spaces - Seminar 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. PROPMark Lassiter and 8 others. 64
MUSIC CITY CHAPTER9/28/2017Six Church Exposures Insurance Alone Won't CoverGENPaul Ludovisie & Jared Morgan16
CENTRAL VIRGINIA CHAPTER9/21/2017Economic UpdatesOFFICETom Zachry 17
DC METRO CHAPTER9/21/2017Commercial Energy Audits Lighting and controls systems PROPDelroy Walker  5
NORTH ATLANTA CHAPTER9/21/2017What would you like to know about in your HR role?HRDavid Olsen, CPA 17
ROCKY TOP CHAPTER9/21/2017Church Management Software INFOBrad Hill 9
GREATER KANSAS CITY CHAPTER9/21/2017StewardshipSTEWTim Sweeney 13
COLUMBIA RIVER CHAPTER9/21/2017Round table discussion of employee handbooks, what works, what doesn't.HRJim Vestigo 10
TWIN CITIES METRO CHAPTER9/21/2017Strategic Planning for Churches.PLANRobert McFarland45
CHARLOTTE-METRO CHAPTER9/21/2017Developing Vendor Partnerships as RelationshipsGENNathan Parr 0
CENTRAL IOWA CHAPTER9/21/2017Blessed or Stressed - Time ManagementSELFLaurel Swanson 12
KENTUCKY CHAPTER9/21/2017Intellectual Property: Who owns the Sermons & Worship Songs?LEGALAustin Wilkerson, Atty 15
CHICAGO CHAPTER9/21/2017Future Shock: Future Changes in Giving & Creating A Culture of GenerositySTEWMark Brooks  23
DALLAS CHAPTER 19/21/2017Compensation Benchmark & Data AnalysisHRPhill Martin28
CENTRAL FLORIDA CHAPTER9/21/2017Stewardship and GivingSTEWHoward Dayton and Marc McMurrin 0
WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA CHAPTER9/7/2017L3 Leadership and Confluence Financial PartnersHRDoug Smith & Gregory Weimer 35
PHOENIX CHAPTER9/7/2017Using Cost Effective Training For Volunteers to Avoid Lawsuits and Minimize DamagesHRRyan Eland 22
ROCKY TOP CHAPTER8/31/2017Presentations by national conference attendees. GENVarious 9
NORTH ATLANTA CHAPTER8/24/2017Round Table DiscussionGENn/a 19
MUSIC CITY CHAPTER8/24/2017TCN Conference Summary/Roundtable DiscussionsGENLisa Francisco/Dan Edmondson 12
CENTRAL VIRGINIA CHAPTER8/17/2017FundraisingCOMMMatk Gottschalk 22
CENTRAL IOWA CHAPTER8/17/2017 STEWIowa Generosity Council 14
OKLAHOMA GREEN COUNTRY CHAPTER8/17/2017Cybersecurity and The ChurchGENTom Wizzert 10
CENTRAL FLORIDA CHAPTER8/17/2017"FIRST, Aid: Personal Spiritual Well-Being"SELFJoline Krolicki14
CHARLOTTE-METRO CHAPTER8/16/2017National Conference Workshop HighlightsGENVarious 0
NEBRASKA CHAPTER8/16/2017Budgeting Best Practices GENRound Table Discussion 10
SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY CHAPTER8/8/2017Recap of National Conference & Tour of the Eastern Regional Conference COG.GENColleen Gross 0
CENTRAL IOWA CHAPTER7/20/2017Vendor Survey SharingGENGroup Discussion 12
CENTRAL IOWA CHAPTER6/15/2017Safety and Security SeminarGENAmerican Church Group 0
OKLAHOMA GREEN COUNTRY CHAPTER6/15/2017Fringe Benefits-What are they & what do we do with them?LEGALBecky Spivey 14
NEBRASKA CHAPTER6/15/2017Facility Maintenance - "Going Green"PROPRound Table Discussion 6
GREATER KANSAS CITY CHAPTER6/15/2017Round table discussion; GEN  11
NORTH ATLANTA CHAPTER6/15/2017Financial Reporting - What new and what should we be paying closer attention to.LEGALJack L. McGinnis, CPA 21
ROCKY TOP CHAPTER6/15/2017Round Table DiscussionGENNone 9
CENTRAL VIRGINIA CHAPTER6/15/2017Open topic discussionGENDebbie Howard 20
DC METRO CHAPTER6/15/2017Planning Meeting for 2017-18 Program YearPLANRoundtable 7
CHARLOTTE-METRO CHAPTER6/14/2017Reaching MillennialsCOMMCristina Wilson 19
WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA CHAPTER6/8/2017Roundtable Discussion with planning for next year. BBQ lunchGEN  17
WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA CHAPTER6/8/2017Year End Picnic-RoundtableGEN  0
OKLAHOMA CITY CHAPTER6/7/2017Chapter RebirthGENPhill Martin 7
SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY CHAPTER6/6/2017Roundtable Discussion & Tour of FacilityGENMike Ploutz 4
DELAWARE VALLEY CHAPTER6/1/2017Church Safety and SecurityPROPBob Wild21
MUSIC CITY CHAPTER5/25/20175 Compliance Landmines to Avoid at Your ChurchGENElaine Sommerville17
NORTH ATLANTA CHAPTER5/25/2017Church SecurityPROPRodney Pires, Watchman Security & Safety 35
PHOENIX CHAPTER5/23/2017Earned Paid Sick TimeHRMonica Stern, CPA 68
KENTUCKY CHAPTER5/18/2017Ethics in Church AdministrationADMINDr. Debra Mumford 13
GREATER FORT WORTH CHAPTER5/18/2017Digital Evangelism; IT Security Trends; Faith Growth Technology-Large/Small INFOMelody Partlett, Christopher Harris, Andy Milliorn35
COASTAL CAROLINA CHAPTER5/18/2017Communications & Marketing ManagementCOMMTed Coeco 9
CENTRAL FLORIDA CHAPTER5/18/2017Risk Management for ChurchesLEGALLenise Zika39
COLORADO MILE HIGH CHAPTER5/18/2017"Branding- It Matters"COMMJacqueline Meason19
ROCKY TOP CHAPTER5/18/2017Scheduling software and Maintenance SoftwarePROPSue Mayes 8
OKLAHOMA GREEN COUNTRY CHAPTER5/18/2017Coaching and Leadership DevelopmentSTAFFSteve Watkins 14
SOUTHEAST MICHIGAN CHAPTER5/18/2017Leadership discussion on how we keep this Chapter going or do we disband?SELFJim Hugan, Dan Whiting, Chris Ockerman 3
TWIN CITIES METRO CHAPTER5/18/2017Generosity: Everyone’s Talking About ItSTEWKari Boyce, Thrivent Financial14
CENTRAL IOWA CHAPTER5/18/2017Are You Prepared to Uphold Your Religious FreedomGENSteve Case 25