THE CHURCH NETWORK.  With members across the country, it’s easy to connect with an existing group or create a network of your own.  Association sponsored events and the national conference are great opportunities to build relationships and gain church administration knowledge while networking.

Local Chapters/Groups

More than 80 local chapters provide the chance to connect with others in your local church community who have common needs and interests in church administration.  Chapter meetings allow members to come together and share resources, seek advice from those who have had a similar experience and hear presentations on topics of interest.
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Denominational Networks

Representing a wide range of denominations, Network members gain access to a variety of resources, information and experience in church administration. Want to connect with professionals in your denomination? The Church Network's denominational groups, both Communities of Practice and Denominational Associations, help members address opportunities and challenges unique to serving in a particular faith group.
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Networks of Practice

With groups based on everything from church size or demographic to specific professional responsibilities or goals, The Network’s special interest groups and professional communities of practice offer even more opportunities for you to build relationships with peers serving the church.

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Business Members Network

A strong community of professional suppliers and consultants connect with and support The Church Network.

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