Local Chapters/Groups

Local chapters are the backbone of our Network organization and provide members with vital local support. Chapter meetings allow members to come together and share resources, seek advice from those who have had a similar experience, and hear presentations on topics of interest, all while enjoying the fellowship of others who work in church administration.

More than 50 local chapters provide the chance to connect with others in your local church community who have common needs and interests in church administration.

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Manage a chapter

Chapter Connector

The Chapter Connector system makes the national association's database the chapter's database and vice versa.
Request to access the Chapter Connector system

Chapter Reporting

Communication of chapter/group work is vital to The Church Network organization. Leaders are to follow this reporting schedule. If you have questions contact the national office. All reports should be submitted online. Paper Reports are provided for planning purposes.  Please see the TCN President's Guide to Chapter Reporting on the right.

TCN Chapter Meeting Report

Chapter Connector 2.0 is live and a new meeting report interface is available. If you do not have access to the new chapter connector please send an email request to chapters@thechurchnetwork.com
As of March 1, 2017, all meeting report should be made through Chapter Connector 2.0.

Please review this help video to learn more.


If you do not have access please send email to chapters@thechurchnetwork.com.

This report should be submitted after each chapter meeting. It is a short report and should only take you 3 to 5 minutes to submit. By entering you meeting plans in the connector it will appear on the chapter programs tab and the event section of the TCN website.

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