Endowment Fund Scholarship Application

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM (Maximum amount of scholarship for 2022 conference use is $500 & certification use is $200). Please submit application and await approval before registering for the conference.

In keeping with its mission of providing resources and training to church administrative leaders, The Church Network is offering financial assistance for professional development and training to TCN members.

Scholarships will be available for training opportunities at TCN conferences (up to a maximum of $500) and certification seminars (up to a maximum of $200).

There is a limit of one scholarship per person per calendar year.

Scholarships for individuals will be based on various factors. Each application will be reviewed according to funds available and specialized need, and applicants must meet the criteria listed below:

  1. Must be an Active level member (based on TCN membership classification) of The Church Network
  2. I am NOT a team leader on the local national conference support team.
  3. Must be seeking to improve management skills.
  4. Must be working for a local church which does not pay 100% of conference or certification expenses.
  5. Conference scholarships will ONLY be awarded to those individuals registering for the full TCN conference and must stay in the Marriott St. Louis Grand (our contracted hotel), during the 2022 TCN Conference.
After an applicant for a scholarship is approved, the financial aid will be paid directly to the registrar of the conference, certification center, or local chapter workshop or seminar the  applicant will be attending. We ask that you request only what you need in the amount of your scholarship. In this time of economic struggle, please be prudent with your request to permit more individuals to utilize the scholarship program.