COVID-19 Coronavirus

Updated 12/1/2020

Our world continues to respond to the new reality created by the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Churches are responded based on local context. Some have reopened and modified in-person serves. Many have announced a new rhythm moving into 2020. Other have gone back to virtual in anticipation of wide spread available of a vaccine. A number of our member have experience person loss in the death of love ones, friends, or members. These difficult decision remain with us into at lease the first quarter of 2021. Most are being very responsible and leaders in their community to provide example and resources to help as we work to move through these difficult days.

At TCN we are looking to 2021 and planning based on what we know at the moment. We anticipate a series of vFastTrack virtual training in the first quarter. Details to come soon. We are planning our 65th conference as an in person event in Minneapolis in July, 2021. Staff have been on site in November and working with our local chapter to make plans. Security concerns in Minneapolis are top of mind and in our planning.

We will also host a fall two day virtual event that will allow a larger number to connect with the community. We encourage local chapter and groups to connect virtually and be supportive of each other.  

We will continue to provide resource link to help as you seek to appropriately respond to the challenges of the day. 

We continue to partner with ten groups to bring some training and support to local church leaders. You can learn more here
Replay for previous seminar are available on the TCN elab

We will pass along resources as they emerge. Please share with us resources as you create and find them. Email with your ideas and information. We all pray for better and clearer understanding as we seek to respond as a faith community to this crisis.

Phill Martin, CEO

Church Resources