Keynote Speaker

Mike Bonem - Wednesday

Title: New Vision
No one could have anticipated just how relevant this year's theme - "new vision" - would be. But new vision also seems more elusive than ever. As we grapple with a global pandemic and the many issues it creates for churches, how can we think about a new and vibrant future? What is the role of "second chair leaders" in that process? Mike Bonem, co-author of Leading from the Second Chair, kicks off the conference with an encouraging and practical perspective on these questions.

Mike Bonem
 is a consultant, coach, author, speaker, husband and father. He offers a unique mix of world-class consulting and executive leadership experience to help churches, ministries, and their leaders turn vision into results.

Mike holds an MBA, with distinction, from Harvard Business School. He was a senior manager with McKinsey & Company, one of the world’s leading management consulting firms, and held executive leadership roles in two businesses. He subsequently served over 10 years as the executive pastor of a large Baptist church in Houston.

Mark MacDonald - Thursday

Title: “Church, Be Known for Something! Or…”
Today, we make fast decisions based on what we know about something. If we aren’t known for something relevant and needed, we get ignored. So, what’s your church known for? We’re all known for something (whether it’s controlled or not). If it’s the right things, we will grow. If it’s the wrong thing (like being just a church), you’ll stop growing and start declining. It’s that important to get right! Let’s talk about it.

Mark MacDonald 
 recently joined Generis, one of the nation’s largest church consulting firms as director of Church Communication. He and his Be Known for Something Team have added their suite of products to the firm’s offerings. Mark is the bestselling author of Be Known for Something. For 30+ years, Mark has served as senior creative director and brand strategist in one of Eastern Canada’s largest agencies, and his own NC Church Branding Agency. He and Tammy, his wife of 30 years, have 2 grown sons in Calgary and Chicago.

Richard Hammar - Friday

Title: Legal and Tax Developments CPE
This session will provide a review of legal and tax developments of most relevance to church administrators. Emphasis will be on the identification and management of significant and emerging risks as well as a summary of statutory and regulatory developments, litigation trends, and case studies from the files of your presenter.

Dr. Richard Hammar is an attorney, CPA, and best-selling author specializing in legal and tax issues for churches and clergy. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he is the author of more than 100 books, including Pastor, Church & Law and the annual Church and Clergy Tax Guide. He also writes the Church Law and Tax Report  newsletter, has contributed articles to numerous journals and publications, is a frequent speaker at legal and tax conferences, and has taught church law at a number of seminaries. This years presentation, following brunch, is a part of the closing session and will end at 1:45 pm EDT.