Statement on the death of George Floyd

The Church Network (TCN) is an inter-denominational professional association of churches and individuals which exists to connect, develop, and strengthen church leaders in administration. The Church Network is committed to promoting the equality and dignity of all people. We too grieve the death of George Floyd, who was killed May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minn.


We are all created in God’s image. As we watched the horrific event and ensuing protests, we are reminded of the inequality that remains in our society. Yet, we must hope that in the end, justice will prevail.


Throughout the Scripture, the Bible speaks to matters of justice and human dignity. We are taught as Christians that all human beings bear the divine image. From the beginning of life to the end, all humans, both male and female--of all ethnicities, colors, and ages--are sacred beings that God values and loves. The Bible condemns injustice and the misuse of authority and force. God’s people are called to love our neighbors, care for their needs, and work for the well-being of all. As a matter of Christian conviction, followers of Christ cannot remain silent when others are mistreated, abused, or killed.


We realize and understand that many of our members and churches have been impacted. We as an organization, along with our Board of Directors, stand united and pray for our brothers and sisters of all ethnicities as we navigate towards healing and restoration. The road towards healing and restoration may be long, but let’s not go it alone, let us unite together and pray for our leaders, our nation, and our world.

Phill Martin, CEO